Read What Others Have Shared About Reading Maria Valtorta

I listen to this a lot - and if I'm having a hard time, I feel Jesus and how he still loves me.
I feel like I get to be with Him through His life. That is a gift that is changing me.

-Margaret D.

I hear the words of Jesus, that were spoken through Maria Valtorta, everyday.

They are like water to me. I cannot live without them.


I have read all the Volumes el Hombre Dios, more than 7 times...have lost count, in English and in Spanish. I have felt every page imprinted in my very soul as I read.

His gaze and his ever forgiving love, which I experienced in every single page of those books, will be forever by His Grace and Mercy that will guide me home.


Listening to the Valtorta volumes has been a huge blessing to my life.

As a home health nurse I spend a lot of time in my car driving back and forth from patients' homes and during my commute I've been listening to them. I've been through all the volumes and I'm going through them a second time.

All I can say is that listening to the intimate teachings of Jesus' life has profoundly changed me and opened me deeper to God's love.

I've also had the blessing to share these recordings with my patients as well. One hospice patient was particularly moved and asked me "do you listen to this every day?" to which I answered a sincere "yes!"