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Where It All Began

Between 1943 and 1947, Maria Valtorta recorded some 15,000 pages of dictations she received directly from Jesus and the Blessed Mother. The first publication of these dictations was in the original Italian in 1956 and it took another 2 decades for an English version to become available. 

Now, for the first time ever, English readers can enjoy the entire unabridged work in audio format, spoken by Father Peter Bowes.

Jesus says:  “This is the Voice of the Teacher.  It roars and caresses.  It roars when it is addressed to those who do not want to be converted.  It caresses when it speaks to those who, though imperfect, have the “good will” to find God and His Word and, having found Them, to sanctify themselves.  For these it becomes the caress of a Friend and the blessing of Jesus.”

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Jesus came to Maria Valtorta, asked her to write about his life and she said yes.

Because she said yes, we get to hear about Jesus and his disciples first meeting each other. We hear stories of them traveling to a town to find even the one person who was praying for him to come to them.  We get to see the moments of him sitting in the moonlight meditating for strength to do what he was here to do. All of these intimate moments show us how he wants us to be.

All around us we hear that it's good to do whatever we feel like doing, be whoever we want to. This is how I lived the first part of my life. And I, and everyone around me, suffered because of it. The first time I picked up volume 1, I panicked and put it away. There was purity, love and honor in these words and these were not things I was. When I got the courage to pick the book up again, something woke up in me about why I am here, what Jesus is asking from me like he asked of his disciples, of the people he healed - to follow him, to rely on him. I have gotten to know Jesus because Maria said yes to him. I am grateful to Maria and to Father Peter for recording them. The willingness of each is strength for my own yes. I am most grateful to Jesus for bringing us these words that have healed and saved me from myself and opened me to love.

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The Gospel As Revealed To Me by Maria Valtorta is a gift from Jesus that expands our understanding of His life and mission. For the first time, this collection is available in an unabridged audio book, read by Father Peter Bowes.

What Others Are Saying
I listen to this a lot - and if I'm having a hard time, I feel Jesus and how he still loves me.
I feel like I get to be with Him through His life. That is a gift that is changing me.

-Margaret D.
What Others Are Saying
I hear the words of Jesus, that were spoken through Maria Valtorta, everyday.

They are like water to me. I cannot live without them.

What Others Are Saying
I feel like I am one of the people in the group or crowd where Jesus is teaching when I listen to these. There are scenes that are so familiar from the Bible but they are filled in with details and scenery that bring Jesus, the Apostles, and the people He healed and taught to life. These are the most impactful books I have listened to in my life.

What Others Are Saying
Listening to the Valtorta volumes has been a huge blessing to my life.
As a home health nurse I spend a lot of time in my car driving back and forth from patients' homes and during my commute I've been listening to them. I've been through all the volumes and I'm going through them a second time.
All I can say is that listening to the intimate teachings of Jesus' life has profoundly changed me and opened me deeper to God's love.
I've also had the blessing to share these recordings with my patients as well. One hospice patient was particularly moved and asked me "do you listen to this every day?" to which I answered a sincere "yes!"


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“May your love become a ladder by which, like angels, you will ascend to Heaven. . .” –Jesus, “The Gospel As Revealed to Me”

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